iPlanIt provides complete Registration Management for your events.

  • Implement fully integrated, customized database designed to maintain the look and feel of your website or conference materials.
  • Secure storage of client data.
  • Manage multiple attendee types and pricing models as defined by your fee structure.
  • Programmable fees and use of discount/complimentary codes to ensure accuracy.
  • Track all attendee contact and demographic information including dietary and special needs.
  • Obtain session or optional event selections. Maximum allotments and additional fees can also be managed.
  • Provide personalized instant email confirmations.
  • Allow attendees to modify registrations online.

******* If you are an attendee who needs to register for a specific event, please call 1.800.781.1193 for further instructions.*******

Registration Services

  • PlanIt will provide attendees with a toll free phone number and event specific email address to handle registration inquiries.
  • Develop hard copy registration forms and materials, as needed.
  • Data entry of registration received by fax or mail.
  • Enter all attendee registration changes into the database.
  • Email registration confirmations.
  • Store hard copy data entry records for the duration of the event and shred records, or ship records to clients post event.
  • Access to real-time reports, available 24/7. Customized report site so you can easily obtain the information you need, when you need it and in your preferred format.
  • Print and prepare badges and tickets. Bar coding for lead retrieval and session scanning is also available.

Registration Payment Transactions

  • Accept multiple registrations with one credit card/check or use multiple payments for a single registration.
  • Secure, real-time credit card processing. iPlanIt processes through a PCI-compliant secured gateway.
  • Collect fees through your Merchant Account or you may elect to use ours. Either way, registration reports will provide you with full financial data on fees collected by credit card or check for every attendee.
  • Financial management is also available. We can manage collections of outstanding balances and account reconciliations.


  • Offer housing options to your attendees as part of the registration process.
  • Manage room blocks at one or multiple hotels and include details such as rates, taxes, cut off dates and cancellation policies.
  • Collect any required hotel information and/or hotel financial requirements separately or through the main registration site.
  • Ability to enter roommates or offer roommate matching.
  • Housing information can be included in the Conference confirmation.
  • Capability for attendees to modify housing reservations.
  • Housing reports available in real-time, 24/7.
  • Hotel room block audits and registration comparisons made simple. Final event reporting will include hotel occupancy data.
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