On-site Management

iPlanIt will manage your entire event on-site. You might actually enjoy one of your own banquet events, or network with a VIP. Maybe you will get to see a little of your meeting destination or perhaps you just want hide for a bit. We have you covered.

  • Set up, organize, oversee and tear down registration area onsite
  • Print, prepare and organize badges and conference materials
  • Process on-site registrations and payments
  • Provide new badges and any necessary re-types
  • Offer receipts or invoices on-site to attendees/exhibitors and collect unpaid balances.
  • Produce and display conference signage
  • Manage all on-site logistics
  • Oversee all arrangements made in the pre-conference stage and ensure proper execution in these areas
  • Manage assigning and ensuring coverage of all areas
  • Manage and oversee outside vendors and services
  • Function as point of contact for hotel staff, volunteers, third party vendors, exhibitors and staff
  • Event staffing – we can coordinate, manage and train your volunteers or make arrangements to contract local staff. When volunteers are not available or requested, staffing locally within your meeting destination is the most efficient and affordable way to go.